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There are three ways to search this archive.
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The Tune Search is the most basic search. You simply need to choose the type of tune (reel, jig, etc.), and then input some ABC. For inputting ABC, please don't include any of the headers. The search IS case-sensitive, so make sure that you follow the ABC convention of upper and lower case characters to denote octaves.

You will get the best results by only posting a few bars of the tune, and not the entire ABC. Start by searching maybe 4 bars of the first part of the tune. If you're not finding the results that you were hoping for, then try searching for a few bars of the second part of the tune...

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The Contour Search is a more advanced search, which will search for your ABC input in all keys! However, to be able to do this, you need to tell the system what the root of the key of your tune is. For instance, if the tune you are searching for is in Dminor, just select D. If your tune is in Bflat minor, just select B.

The Name Search is simply what it sounds like. You can search by the entire name, or a partial name (which can be useful if you aren't sure how the tune name is actually spelled...)

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